His Eminence

The Most Reverend Msgr. Dr. Thomas Julius De CZ-Fehervary, D.D.

+Fehevrary 1945

Was born on 27 November 1917 in Transylvania which was once a part of the Austro-Hungarian imperial and royal monarchy and is now incorporated into the Romanian Republic. He was born into a noble family entitled by the Holy Roman Emperor CHARLES the Fifth in the year 1552. His forefathers were Vice-Roys for Prague and Europe for more than 50 years. As royalty they lived in the royal palace in Prague and held large estates both in JEDNOROZ as well as in the PRACHOW in the Bohemian Kingdom prior to the Thirty Years War.

After receiving his baccalaureate from THE GYMNASIUM in Budapest, Hungary, at the age of 18 he went to Poland for further study for the priesthood in the Church of Plock under the leadership of the saintly auxiliary Bishop, His Excellency, The Most Reverend Msgr., Dr. James Mary Roman PROCHNIEWSKI who had once been a very famous Roman Catholic theological professor at the LUBLIN/POLAND theological and philosophical college.

Thomas graduated "Summa Cum Laude" from the college of PLOCKAND and was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop James on 19 January in 1939 in the Cathedral Church of "Misericordiae Et Caritatis," for Hungary.

The enthusiastic and deeply traditional Reverend Father Thomas, after he returned to his home country, was elected parish priest of the pro-cathedral Church of St. Augustine in Budapest and was also named a professor in the famous "Cornelius Jansen" Theological and Philosophical College.

In the meantime he was a student in the law faculty of the famous "Pazmany Peter" University in Budapest.

After successful pastoral as well as literary work, publishing more books and editing the newspaper of the Hungarian Church, the young Father Thomas was elected president of the college in 1942. Alas it was a short time for the college presidency because Father Thomas had to serve in the military during World War II from 1942 until 1945.

After the war he returned to his Holy Vocation as an honored priest with various military medals for bravery, attempting to help his fellow soldiers. Upon his return however, he found his entire church organization, which HAD BEEN independent of the Roman Pontiff since the year 1870 because of the papal decree of "Infallibility," in complete ruin. During 1945 with the assistance of his co-priests and thousands of devoted faithful, Father Thomas restored and re-organized the whole church and the college. For his devoted work to the Church and the college, the national synod elected Father Thomas as Bishop on the 10th of September 1945 in Budapest.

After the new democratic government of Hungary had assented to his episcopal election, Father Thomas when again to Poland with a priestly delegation and asked the now, ARCHBISHOP James Prochniewski. On November 11th, 1945 in the Cathedral Church of "Mercy and Love," Father Thomas Julius DE CZ-Fehervary was solemnly consecrated as Bishop for Hungary by Archbishop James Prochniewski and two Coadjutor Bishops from Poland.

Since Hungary's only independent Catholic Church had been legally recognized as well as incorporated by the Emperor, His Majesty Francis - Joseph in 1878 not only for Hungary but also His Majesty's entire realm, the new Bishop Thomas was accorded the same treatment and honors by the Parliament and government of Hungary as were granted to the Roman Catholic Bishops.

In 1947 his Excellency, the Most Reverend Bishop Thomas Fehervary was honored by the Church's National Synod with the title of Archbishop Metropolitan.

In 1949 the communist party took political power in Hungary. Because Archbishop Thomas was apolitical and indifferent to marxist ideology he was deposed and the entire church disbanded by the communist party in Hungary. From 1949 until 1956 Archbishop Thomas and his priests fought for the legal restoration of their church and their ecclesiastical and well as human rights. In 1951 Archbishop Thomas was forced to go to work as a common laborer in an iron foundry owned by the government under strict surveillance of the secret police.

During this time, the courageous fight for the legal restoration of the Church continued. Finally after the communist party chief was removed from his position and expelled from the country for having been secretly a soviet citizen, the new government of Mr. Hegedus recognized the illegal destruction of the Hungarian Traditional Catholic Church (Old Catholic Rite). The church and its archbishop were restored to their lawful position on 17 October 1956 - just one week before the Hungarian Revolution.

After so much bitterness it was quite understandable that Archbishop Thomas and the National Synod welcomed the political change under the premiership of Mr. Imre Nagy. And so on November 1, 1956 He and the four other Bishops of the Church signed the 16 point demands of the Hungarian people. But alas, the Hungarian Revolution failed.

In his haste to go and seek political asylum in the Yugoslavian Embassy, Mr. Imre Nagy the Revolutionary Prime Minister left all the compromising documents behind in the parliament. These documents containing the name of Archbishop Thomas and other clergy fell into the hands of the newly formed Communist Government which began a clean-up operation. Archbishop Thomas, of course, was included, as well as his mother. Even through arrest and imprisonment Archbishop Thomas continued his fight for his Church and the faithful.

On August 4th, 1964 Archbishop Thomas escaped from Hungary and went to Vienna Austria seeking political asylum. The Archbishop left his homeland for self imposed exile in the west.

From Vienna, Archbishop Thomas went to Lourdes to the Holy Virgin's place of pilgrimage for the consolation and intercession of the Blessed Mother. He stayed with friends in France and Vienna for almost a year. Knowing personally, the Canadian Consul-General through his great friendship with Bishop Frederick Littler Pyman, of The Evangelical Orthodox Catholic Church in America (Old Roman Catholic Church). Bishop Pyman having been born in England and having family connections in the foreign office in London, working through the Canadian Consulate in Vienna; assisting Archbishop Thomas to immigrate to Canada. He set out by ship from Rotterdam, The Netherlands on July 8th, 1965 and arrived in Montreal on July 21st, 1965.

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