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A Welcoming Message from Our Bishop Primus

May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you this day, now and always and even unto ages of ages. Amen.

As Bishop Primate, it is our pleasure to welcome you on behalf of our Clergy and the Faithful of our Church to our WEB Site.

We live in a very difficult day and age within the world, and for the Church. We believe it is a time in which the Church must stand firm in the face of criticism, hostility, anger and misunderstanding of its mission and Gospel Message that it has been called to proclaim, teach, profess and confess to the world.

In answer to the needs of today, the Church must stand firm in its understanding of its roots within the Orthodox and Catholic Apostolic Tradition. It must remain totally united to, and centered upon and in, the Holy and Divine Eucharist and the Divine, Holy and absolutely Real Presence of our Lord Jesus Christ within the Holy Eucharist, along with the ancient apostolic understandings and experienced spirituality as found within all seven of the Holy Mysteries/the Sacraments of the historic and apostolic Church of our Lord, Savior and God Jesus Christ.

The Church must reach out to teach its faithful how to pray, to participate in and receive the holy Sacraments and especially the Holy Eucharist on and intimate, personal and regular basis. The Church must be committed and actively engaged in, teaching and proclaiming the message of the Gospel of our Lord, Savior and God, Jesus Christ. It must be about reaching out to those who are busy seeking the reason for their lives, why they are here and how they can find God once again in their lives. How they can come to experience God dwelling in their midst. It must also remain totally committed to the ancient and apostolic understandings of the early Church, along with the decrees and the faith as taught within the framework of the "first Seven Ecumenical Councils", of the undivided Church.

The Church, my brothers and sisters, must also stand ready to deal with, and work out, those situations and circumstances not covered under those first Seven Ecumenical Councils, not covered within the Sacred and Holy Scriptures, that are not covered under the canons or the understanding of the first seven great ecumenical councils. The Church can never afford to turn its back on the difficult situations and circumstances that it faces today, simply because not every possible situation or circumstance was not covered by the Fathers of the Church as gathered in Council. The Church must always seek, in its wisdom, and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit to maintain that which has gone before it, in terms of Divinely inspired teaching and the Faith developed from those divinely inspired teachings.

At the same time, and given that understanding, the church also needs to be speaking to, and answering the needs of, the faithful in today's age, in today's circumstances, situations and within the problems which confront the faithful and the clergy of the church in the these closing years of the 1990's as we approach the coming of the "New Millennium", in the year 2000 and beyond. In the past, the apostolic churches have to often allowed both the faithful and the clergy to become too satisfied with the status quo in their spiritual lives, without seeking to always reach for new levels of spiritual growth, and enriched prayer life and an increased understanding and awareness, not only of the Holy Sacraments of the Church, but also the understandings of the Holy Gospel that has been committed into its charge to proclaim, confess, teach and proclaim from our Lord Jesus Christ.

We further wish to invite you to read through our other Web pages which contain our history, teaching, doctrine, understanding, and vision. You will find in these pages what we believe, what we teach and confess as a small branch of the One Holy, Catholic, Orthodox and Apostolic Church of our Lord, Savior and God Jesus Christ.

Frankly, we do not expect everyone to agree with us. You may find yourself in total agreement or total disagreement - or perhaps partial agreement and/or disagreement. What ever the case may be, we wish to welcome you to our WEB site, and invite you to read further and to feel free to contact us, respectfully, and to share your thoughts, to ask questions or to seek more information in the area of your concern.

Sadly, the church as a whole, [i.e. all the various branches, twigs, and jurisdictions of the One Holy Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church] are also, all too often, at war with one another about who is right and who is wrong, who is canonical and non-canonical and who is valid or not valid. We are greatly saddened to see different branches of the Apostolic Church whether Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Old Catholic, Anglican, or other independent Catholic or Orthodox Churches -- most literally -- defaming, spreading partial or even misleading information, joining in angry refutation or confrontation of each others theological or doctrinal positions, working to ignore, destroy or distort the ministries of others. We can only remember the words of our Lord Jesus Christ when He taught us that we would know His true disciples and apostles by the way they LOVE one another, and NOT by how much they seem to hate, despise and consistently choose to misunderstand one another.

We, of The Evangelical Orthodox Catholic Church in America do not and will not and absolutely refuse to, become a participant in that kind of unchristian and non-brotherly disfunctionality that seems to be so much a part of our culture, within our country and even world wide -- within so much of the Christian church experience of today.

Our WEB pages are still not finished as yet, and so we invite you to call on us again, from time to time, so that we can share new areas of information, teachings, news, training, education, etc.

Finally, may we extend to you our blessings. We also wish to invite you to submit any prayer requests that you might have, and pray that you will contact us via the areas located on this WEB site to submit your prayer requests, so that we may unite in pray for you and those you love, and those who are ill, and indeed for whatever need you might have for prayer. Prayer is a vital and important part of our work here. We believe in the healing power of prayer of God operating in our lives through prayer.

Many blessings to you and once again welcome, and we pray that you will be visiting us again.

Sincerely in our Lord, Savior and God, Jesus Christ,

+Most Reverend Perry R (Joseph Benedict) Sills, Bishop Primus



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