Historical Documents
Concerning the Election of the
Very Reverend Perry R. Sills as a Bishop

[Note: The original was not scanned in due to the delicate nature of the document.
We have typed in exactly the way the original looks so that the information is available to the public.]

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Seal is here)


Eastern and Western Catholic Rites

Saint Monica's Pro-Cathedral

10410 North Snelling Road
Cupertino, California 95014
Chancery Office
Reply to:

TO: His Excellency,
The Most Reverend Frederick L. Pyman, C.S.A., S.T.D., D.Cn.L.,
Archbishop - Metropolitan                               -AND-
The Holy Synod of Bishops of the National Synod:

WITNESS ALL MEN: In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity:

That we, of the Pro-Cathedral Chapter and elected board of advisors representing the Laity and Clergy of the Western and Pacific States Diocese, whose name are hereunder written, fully sensible know how important it is that the sacred order and office of a Bishop in the Catholic Faith should not be unworthly conferred and firmly persuaded that it is our duty to bear testimony on this solemn occasion in all honesty and truthfulness, do, in the presence of almighty God, testify that:


A Canon-Archpriest in Holy Orders is not, so far as we are informed, liable so evil report, either for error in the Catholic Faith or in conduct of life, and that we know of no impediment on account of which he ought not be ordained and consecrated to the holy office of Bishop. We do, in jointly and severally declare that we believe him to be such sufficient in good learning, and such soundness in the Christian Catholic Doctrine and Faith and such spirituality in his own life and Godly conversation, that he is apt and meet to exercise the Office of a Bishop to the honor and wholesome example to the Flock of Christ to be committed to his Charge and Protection. We therefore humbly pray and petition in behalf of the Clergy and Laity of the Western and Pacific States Diocese of the Evangelical Orthodox Old Catholic Church in America that You will Consecrate the above mentioned Canon- Mitered Archpriest.

In evidence whereof we have hereunto set our signatures, this Fifth Day of May, in the year of our Lord - 1974.
Jacquaclin Tallridge Rose   Michael P. Rose
Robert Henry Tatro Leon B. Evesson
Janet G. Tatro Jannette E. Evesson
Barbara Rose Rev. Mr. Joseph R. Rose+

Approved and Accepted by:                               (+Pyman's Signature here)
          Most Reverend Fredrick L. Pyman, C.S.A., Archbishop-Metropolitan

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