His Excellency

Most Reverend Msgr. Dr. Frederick Littler Pyman, C.S.A., S.T.D.

Archbishop Pyman

Archbishop Frederick Littler Pyman

  • A special note and saying from my long time Mentor, Superior as an Augustinian and my Archbishop, whom I am so honored to have served as a priest and succeeded as Bishop Primus: "You always know a true Bishop because they are, and demonstrate themselves to be, 'a servant of the servants' of our Lord, Savior and God Jesus Christ." He meant of course, that they should always be loving caring pastoral shepherds of Christ's flock and to serve all those who are called to serve in the Vineyard of our Lord Jesus Christ. He always considered it to be his honor to be one of "The Servants, of the Servants" of our Lord Jesus Christ.  +The Most Reverend Perry R. (Joseph Benedict) Sills, 3rd Bishop Primus
+Pyman's Seal

Archbishop Pyman's Seal

+Pyman Enthroned Portrait

Archbishop Pyman's Enthronement Portrait

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