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The Feast of The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Collect Prayer of the Feast
O God, who in the Heart of Thy son Jesus Christ
wounded by our transgressions, does mercifully vouchsafe to
bestow upon us the infinite wealth of Thy love; grant, we
beseech Thee,  that revering it with meet devotion, we may make a
worthy reparation for our sins. Through the same Thy son and our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Feast Day Celebrated The Friday After The Octave of Corpus Christi

 This lovely Eucharistic Oratory Chapel dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is located in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains in California just to the west of San Jose off of the main highway leading to Santa Cruz.  While difficult to find it is a quiet peaceful setting.  One that lends itself to meditation, Eucharistic Devotion and prayer.

The Altar of The Sacred Heart Eucharistic Oratory Chapel

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                                Holy Table of Preparation                                                         Side View of Chapel

Ordination Pictures for The Reverend Mother Virginia L. Frazier


The First Holy Eucharistic Liturgy / Mass

Mother Virginia L. Frazier Celebrated

At St. Raphael, The Archangel Eucharistic Oratory

San Jose, California


The Reverend Mother Virginia L. Frazier on her ordination day, standing second from the right
of the Bishop
 On the Feast Day of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother
August 15th, 2004

The Reverend Mother Virginia Frazier's First Holy Liturgy / Mass

                      MotherVirginiaMass                    MotherVirginiaMass                     MotherVirginiaMass



The Reverend Mother Virginia L. Frazier, Priest


To Contact Her Bishop:

The Most Reverend Perry R. (Joseph Benedict) Sills, OSB/bcsa, O.C., S.T.D. 

Residence/Office of the Bishop Primus

1213 N. San Pedro Street
San Jose, CA 95110-1436
Phone: (408) 453-8947
email: (

ink pot with feather  For more information,

        The Reverend Mother Virginia L. Frazier, Priest via Email as listed above

The History of the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

With the Protestant revolt in the sixteenth century and Jansenism in the seventeenth had attempted to spoil one of the essential dogmas of the Christian Church, namely the love of God for all men.

It became necessary  that the Spirit of love, which directs the Church, should by some means counteract the spreading heresy, in order that the Spouse of Christ, far from seeing her love for Jesus diminish, should feel it always increasing. This love was made manifest in Western Catholic worship, which is the sure rule of our faith, by the institution of the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Yet in the early Middle Ages, the Doctors and Saints used to see in the wound of Jesus' side the source of all graces. St. Bonaventure invites us "to enter this wound and to dwell in the quiet of this heart."

The two Benedictine virgins, St. Gertrude and St. Mechtilde, in the thirteenth century had a clear vision of the grandeur of the devotion to the Sacred Heart.  St. John the evangelist, appearing to the former, announced to her that "the meaning of the blessed beating of the heart reserved, for the latter times when the world grown old and cold in divine love, would require to have its fervor renewed by means of this mystery of burning love.

This heart, say these two Saints, is an altar on which our Lord Jesus Christ offers Himself to the Father as a perfect and most acceptable victim.  It is a golden censer from which rise towards the Father as many clouds of incense as there are kinds of men and women for whom our Lord, Savior and God Jesus Christ suffered.  In this Heart the praise and thanks we give to God and all of our good works are ennobled and become acceptable to the Father.

But in order to make this worship public and recognized, Providence first raised up St. John Eudes, who in 1670 composed an Office and a Mass of the Sacred Heart for the so-called congregations of the Eudists. Providence then chose one of the spiritual daughters of St. Francis of Sales, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, to whom Jesus showed His Heart at Paray-le-Monial, on June 16th, 1675, the Sunday after Corpus Christi, and asked her to institute a feast of the Sacred Heart on the Friday following the Octave of Corpus Christi.  Lastly, God employed for the propagation of this devotion, Blessed Claude de la Colombiere.  He belonged to the Company of Jesus "the whole of which inherited his zeal in the propagation of the devotion to the Sacred Heart."

In 1765, His Holiness Clement the XIII gave his approbation to the Feast and the Office of the Sacred Heart, and in 1856 His Holiness Pius the XI, extended this feast to the universal Church.

The solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus sums up all of the phases of the life of Jesus recalled in the liturgy from Advent to the Feast of Corpus Christi. It constitutes an admirable triptych giving us in abridgment all the mysteries, joyous, sorrowful and glorious of our Lord, Savior and God Jesus Christ's life devoted to the love of God and men and women of His Creation.  This feast is indeed placed on the height from which may be contemplated the redeeming labors of the Savior on earth and the glorious victories He will, by the working of the Most Holy Spirit, achieve in souls until the end of the world.

Coming after the feasts of our Lord Jesus Christ, this feast completes them, concentrating them in one object which is materially Jesus' Heart of flesh, and formally the unbounded charity symbolized by this Heart. This solemnity therefore does not relate to a particular mystery of the Savior's life, but embraces them all; indeed the devotion to the Sacred heart celebrates all the favors we have received from divine charity during the year, and all the marvelous things that Jesus has done for us. It is the feast of the love of God for the men and women of his creation, a love which has made Jesus come down on earth for all by His Incarnation, which has raised Him on the Cross for the Redemption of all and which brings Him down every day on our Altars by Transubstantiation/Transmutation, in order to make us benefit by the merits of his Death on Calvary.

These three mysteries, which manifest to us the divine charity in a more special way, sum up the spirit of the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. For it is His Love which forced Him to put on a mortal body (to take upon himself flesh).  It is His love which willed that the Sacred Heart should be pierced on the cross, in order that from the wound should flow a spring we might draw from joyfully, whose water cleanses us from our sins in Baptism and whose blood nourishes our souls in the Holy Eucharist.  And as the Eucharist is the continuation of the Incarnation and the Sacrifice of Calvary, Jesus asked that the Feast should be placed immediately after the Octave of Corpus Christi.

As these manifestations of our Lord Jesus Christ's love show the more the ingratitude of man, who seem so often only to answer by coldness and indifference, this great feast of the Church has a character of reparation demanded of us by the wounded Heart of Jesus.

Let us humbly learn from the Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ, Whose gentle and humble love turns no one away, and in it we shall find rest for our souls. Alleluia.

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